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Q: Where do you stand on these weird barefoot toe shoes?

A: Short Answer - As far back as possible. Sorry, couldn't resist the joke. Actually, as a runner, I've seen plenty of people who have benefitted from going to a far more minimalist shoe, just as I've seen a ton of people who shouldn't be anywhere near them. So the real short answer is that a percentage of people will be able to handle the minimalism, andwill gain real benefits from them, but, as always, it won't be everyone.

The biggest danger is not people going minimalist, but believing that there is only one way to do things, without carefully looking at a number of factors: age, foot and leg strength, long term athletic goals, injury history, form, and workout history.

Q: What happened to my favorite shoe?

A: If you are around this game as a walker or runner long enough, you’ll find the perfect shoe… and then they will either update it into something that you don’t recognize as being remotely new and improved or cancel it outright. The shoe business, especially these days, is a fast moving industry that, in the quest for that edge, is always going to move into the “latest and greatest”. Sadly, our favorites will eventually get left behind.

The best and only solution is, no matter how good the shoe is, avoid getting trapped into that one. Always have a second, back up pair on the side. Two great reasons: it will extend the lifespan of your favorites and ease the transition from one pair to another when the time comes to switch.

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